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Community Connections

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1 : Planning

2 : Minds On

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4 : Consolidation

There will always be scope to improve
Indicator: In enhancing education and opportunities for all students, the school values and promotes partnerships with parents, agencies, services and members of the broader school community who represent a range of abilities.

Our School Environment

How do we nurture connections with members of our school and broader community to support school initiatives and include role models representing a range of abilities in school events?

How do we ensure there are opportunities for all our students to benefit from mentoring from role models in the community who represent a range of abilities?

How do we make sure we draw upon the skills, backgrounds and expertise of members of our community to enhance the educational experiences of our students?

How do we foster and maintain relationships with community organizations and service agencies in order to support our school and our students?

Our Classrooms

How do I show parents and other members of the community who represent a range of abilities that they are welcome and valued in the classroom?

How do I highlight the strengths and valuable contributions of community partners for my students?

How do I ensure students have access to mentorship opportunities with people from the community?

How do I incorporate guest speakers and other volunteers representing a range of abilities in the classroom program?

How do I ensure that my students treat community partnerships with respect?

Our Students

In what ways do students benefit from the full range of community support that is available to them?

How do students work with volunteers, mentors and other community partners who represent a range of abilities?

How do students demonstrate their appreciation of the rich learning that can come from time spent with members of the community who are able to share their life experiences?

How do students interact respectfully with guests in the classroom, welcoming and thanking them for their time and contribution?