Behavioural Exceptionalities

Victor-Martin, Diane And John

This video is about Duncan McKinlay who has Tourette Syndrome. At 7 he noticed what he called a devil in his head that made his life hell. His parents thought he was delinquent. His classmates were sure he was nuts. In his teens, it wasn’t a question of whether to kill himself, but when. At 19, when he was finally diagnosed, Duncan made researching TS his life path. He’s come to understand that his strange ticks are release triggers for the high energy charging through him. At 27 he’s a virtuoso at channeling this energy. He’s just finished a doctorate in psychology. He’s in nationwide demand for his workshops that enlighten, entertain and boost the spirits of the 100,000 across Canada who have Tourette’s.

The Explosive Child: A New Approach For Understanding And Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children

Almost everyone knows an explosive child, one whose frequent, severe fits of temper leave his or her parents standing helpless in their fear, frustration, and guilt. Most of these parents have tried everything-reasoning, behaviour modification, therapy, medication-but to no avail. They wonder if their child is deviant or just plain bad.

This research-based book for parents, psychologists and educators explains the explosive child’s physiological deficiencies in frustration tolerance and flexibility that lead to fits of temper and other intractable behaviours. The author presents specific, practical ways adults can recognize the signs of an impending explosion, defuse tension, and reduce frustration levels for everyone.