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What's Your Number?

1 : Planning

2 : Minds On

3 : Action

4 : Consolidation

There will always be scope to improve
Indicator: Assessment is fair, equitable and differentiated according to individual student needs.

Our School Environment

How do we teach and model the concept of fairness vs. sameness within our school?

How do we use learner profiles to assist with developing teaching and assessment strategies for the benefit of every individual student?

What assessment supports and resources are provided to support students with intensive needs? What further supports are required?

How do we ensure that assessment is aligned with curricular expectations and instruction?

Our Classrooms

How do we ensure that all students are involved in creating assessment tasks and tools?

How are learning goals and success criteria created?

How do we ensure that assessment tasks are authentic and take into account the needs of every individual student?

What information do we provide to students during assessment feedback? What additional information could be included?

How do assessment results guide our levels of support and determine the need for further intervention strategies and resources?

Our Students

How are students involved in creating learning goals and success criteria?

In what ways are all students encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge?

How are all students involved in the development of cumulative assessments?

How is self-assessment used in the classroom?

How does self-assessment help students advocate for their own learning style?