Ministry of Education Documents

Early Reading Strategy: The Report Of The Expert Panel On Early Reading In Ontario

The official government of Ontario guide to teaching practice for teaching young readers, including curriculum elements, education goals, etc.

Education For All: The Report Of The Expert Panel On Literacy And Numeracy Instruction For Students With Special Education Needs, Kindergarten To Grade 6

The Ministry of Education established the Expert Panel on Literacy and Numeracy Instruction for Students With Special Education Needs to recommend practices, based on research, that would allow Ontario’s teachers to improve and reinforce effective instruction of reading, writing, oral communication, and mathematics to students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 who have special education needs.

Equity And Inclusive Education In Ontario Schools: GUIDELINES FOR POLICY DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION – Realizing The Promise Of Diversity 2009

From the ministry document: ‘The guidelines provided in this document are designed to help Ontario school boards review and/or develop, implement, and monitor equity and inclusive education policies that will support student achievement, in accordance with the principles and commitments set out in Realizing the Promise of Diversity: Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy and Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM) No. 119 (2009)’

Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation And Reporting In Ontario’s Schools, First Edition Covering Grades 1 To 12

Beginning in September 2010, assessment, evaluation, and reporting in Ontario schools will be based on the policies and practices described in this document. This document aims to maintain high standards, improve student learning, and benefit students, parents, and teachers in elementary and secondary schools across the province.

Learning For All: A Guide To Effective Assessment And Instruction For All Students, Kindergarten To Grade 12

Learning for All, Kindergarten to Grade 12 is a resource guide outlining an integrated process of assessment and instruction for elementary and secondary school educators across Ontario that is designed to help raise the bar and close the gap in achievement for all students. The guide supports the three core priorities for education in Ontario:

  1. High levels of student achievement;
  2. Reduced gaps in student achievement;
  3. Increased public confidence in publicly funded education.

Many Roots, Many Voices: Supporting English Language Learners In Every Classroom

From the Ministry: Many Roots, Many Voices is designed to support teachers, principals, and other education professionals at the elementary and secondary levels in working effectively with English language learners. In it, you will find a rich source of practices and strategies that can be put to immediate use in the school and the classroom. You will also find an in-depth exploration of the English language learner, and an annotated list of references and resources for further reading and study.

  • Publisher: Ontario Government
  • Format: Online Resource
  • Audience: Teachers, Students, Education Stakeholders
  • Topic: Official Ontario resource guide for integrated instruction and assessment
  • Source:

Ministry Of Education Accessibility Plan, 2011-2012

Each year, the government of Ontario sets a course to prevent, identify and remove barriers for persons with disabilities. Every ministry participates through its annual accessibility plan, as required under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA). The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) is Ontario’s roadmap to become barrier-free by 2025. This plan sets forth the Ministry of Education guidelines for accessibility under the rubric of the AODA.

Special Education

Ministry of education resource on special education. Students who have behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities, may require special education programs and/or services to benefit fully from their school experience. Site provides links to both resource and policy documents.

The Ontario Curriculum

This series of curriculum documents outline the ministry guidelines, assessment and evaluation tools, and grade-by-grade breakdown of expectations for learning.

  • Publisher: Government of Ontario
  • Format: Online Resource
  • Audience: Teachers, Education Stakeholders
  • Topic: The official government of Ontario curriculum guide
  • Source:

Transition Planning: A Resource Guide

An outline of ministry guidelines and expectations for successful transition planning, including the role of the school board, principal, the transition planning team, and successful development and implementation.


This online resource was developed for elementary teachers by the Ontario Ministry of Education and TFO. It includes modules on Literacy and Numeracy with videos of teachers in action, activity sheets, lesson plans and more. You’ll also find modules on Daily Physical Activity (DPA) from the government’s Healthy Schools program, and on Anaphylaxis, for the protection of students with life-threatening allergies. There are more than 40 activities and new ones are added as they are created and needed.

  • Publisher: Ontario Government, Ministry of Education
  • Format: Online Resource
  • Audience: Teachers
  • Topic: General education resources
  • Source: