Lesson Plans

Early Years: Realizing Differences

JK/SK Early Years: Realizing Differences

Learning Environment: Key Considerations

In organizing the learning environment for the topic of Accessibility Awareness, teachers and other adults in the classroom will provide children with a safe and healthy environment for learning where a wide range of opportunities to learn, practise, and demonstrate knowledge and skills in all areas of learning is available. A balance of exploration or investigation, guided instruction, and explicit instruction will offer children many opportunities to build on their existing knowledge, create and clarify their own new understandings, and experience a variety of approaches to a problem or question.

For this topic, the learning environment should include centres where children will be able to:

  • learn about individual differences, special needs and special equipment used by a variety of story characters while listening to and observing pictures in a variety of books.
  • have the opportunity to respond to oral questions and share their experiences while listening and discussing a variety of stories about children who are unique and special.
  • have the opportunity to respond to the stories in a variety of learning centres.
  • have the opportunity to explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction books and make observations and comparisons about their own characteristics that make them unique or special.

Connections to Accessibility Awareness – Big Ideas

  • Some students sometimes need special assistance, equipment or technology to learn.
  • Accessibility Awareness includes information about the range of ability and individual strengths found in the classroom.
  • Students need to help develop a school culture that fosters a sense of belonging for all students.
  • The goal of Accessibility Awareness is to shape a society in which individuals are appreciated for their intrinsic worth.

Respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion are prerequisites for honouring children's rights, optimal development, and learning. See page 2, 2010-11 The Full-Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program (Draft Version).