Lesson Plans

Grade 9/10 ENG1D: Interview - Lieutenant Governor

An Interview with the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Lesson Summary

His Honour David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, is interviewed by a student trustee about his careers choices, his experiences as a person with a disability and his strong commitment to accessibility in Ontario. His Honour emphasizes the importance of accessibility awareness for students. In this lesson, students examine issues of accessibility in general and in their own school.

At the discretion of the teacher, they will compare this video to another one from a popular television show that is housed on the Lieutenant Governor’s website.

Connections to Accessibility Awareness – The Big Ideas

The following accessibility messages are addressed in the video or the activities in this lesson:

  • A “barrier” is anything that prevents a person from fully participating in all aspects of society because of his or her disability.
  • Students can help to overcome barriers to learning in their classrooms.
  • Everybody learns differently and fair is not the same as equal.
  • The biggest barriers to accessibility are attitude and lack of awareness.
  • Students have an important role to play in advocacy for change.
  • The foundation of accessibility is the importance of human rights for all.

Important Considerations for Program Planning

In keeping with the inclusive nature of accessibility and best teaching practices, lessons and instruction must provide a continuum of supports for all students, including those with accessibility considerations and/or special education needs. The front matter of all revised curriculum policy documents highlights elements to consider in planning classroom lessons and instruction, including Universal Design, differentiated instruction, equity and inclusive education, the perspective of First Nation, Métis and Inuit people, meeting the needs of English language learners and of students with special education needs. See the Accessibility+ hub for more information about these and related topics.