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Grade 6: Wheels in Motion

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  • Electric Light Bulb. Henry Woodward invented an electric light bulb in 1874; sold the patent to Thomas Edison
  • Electron Microscope co-invented by Eli Franklin Burton, Cecil Hall, James Hillier, Albert Prebus in 1937
  • Electric Organ. Morse Robb of Belleville, Ontario, patented the world's first electric organ in 1928
  • Electric Streetcar. John Joseph Wright invented an electric streetcar in 1883
  • Fathometer. An early form of sonar invented by Reginald A. Fessenden in 1919
  • Film Colourization invented by Wilson Markle in 1983
  • Garbage Bag (polyethylene) invented by Harry Wasylyk in 1950
  • Goalie Mask Invented by Jacques Plante in 1960
  • Gramophone co-invented by Alexander Graham Bell & Emile Berliner in 1889
  • Green Ink Currency ink invented by Thomas Sterry Hunt in 1862
  • Half-tone Engraving co-invented by Georges Edouard Desbarats and William Augustus Leggo in 1869
  • Heart Pacemaker invented by Dr. John A. Hopps in 1950
  • Hydrofoil Boat co-invented by Alexander Graham Bell and Casey Baldwin in 1908
  • IMax Movie System co-invented in 1968 by Grahame Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, and Robert Kerr
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes. Dehydrated potato flakes were invented by Edward A. Asselbergs in 1962
  • Insulin Process. Fredrick Banting, J. J. Macleod, Charles Best and Collip invented the process for insulin in 1922
  • JAVA Software programming language invented by James Gosling in 1994
  • Jetliner. The first commercial jetliner to fly in North America was designed by James Floyd in 1949. The first test flight of the Avro Jetliner was on August 10 1949.
  • Jolly Jumper, baby's delight invented by Olivia Poole in 1959
  • Kerosene invented by Doctor Abraham Gesner in 1846
  • Lawn Sprinkler, another invention made by Elijah McCoy
  • Light Bulb Leads, made of nickel & iron alloy were invented by Reginald A. Fessenden in 1892
  • Marquis Wheat invented by Sir Charles E. Saunders in 1908
  • McIntosh Apple invented by John McIntosh in 1796
  • Music Synthesizer invented by Hugh Le Caine in 1945
  • Newsprint invented by Charles Fenerty in 1838
  • Odometer invented by Samuel McKeen in 1854
  • Paint Roller invented by Norman Breakey of Toronto in 1940