A Message from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

A message from the The Hon. David C. Onley, O.Ont. Lieutenant Governor Of Ontario

The Hon. David C. Onley

People who work with students in classrooms have tremendous capacity to touch the future. The potential to influence, lead and inspire others, especially young people who are striving to make sense of their world, is a gift that lies in the hand of every teacher, educational assistant, early childhood educator and professional in our classrooms.

An important part of making sense of the world is believing that everyone in that world has an equal place and has the right to develop and live to his or her full potential. We have made great strides in integrating equity of opportunity across races, ethnicities, genders, religions but when it comes to equity for people who have disabilities, visible or invisible, we still have far to go.

A big step in getting there is making every aspect of our society accessible for everybody ‐ our buildings, our streets, our transportation, our parks, our recreation, our entertainment, our schools, our curriculum, our free time on the playground. The biggest barriers preventing us are attitude and lack of awareness.

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