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Summary Of Web Resources

Cognitive Disability
Difference Education

Different is Just…Different! Interactive Whiteboard:

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Differences: A Coloring Book for Children
Author:Will Orr-Ewing and Josh Pull

From the creators: ‘Launched in September 2008, dysTalk is an information- sharing social enterprise devised by Will Orr-Ewing and Josh Pull. Our five-word mantra for the project is "helping your child learn better." It's for parents of children who are looking for information on how to optimize their child's learning. dysTalk provides information on specific learning difficulties that may be undermining a child's performance as well as learning strategies that can potentially be applied to all children of all abilities.’

Dyslexia Teacher

An online resource for teachers and community stakeholders, including teaching methods, case studies, news and research, discussion forum, books and software/

I am
Author:Larche Cape Breton/Cheryl Zinyk, Sol Express
Format:video; available at study guide also available for purchase
Topic:Inclusion, difference education

From L'Arche: 'A tool to help build inclusion, understanding and community in your classroom or school. Recommended for Intermediate and Senior High School Health, Career Education, Character Education, Guidance, Social Studies, Civics, Citizenship.'