Physical Exceptionalities

Instructional Strategies to Support Students with Mobility Impairment
Format:Online resource
Topic:Mobility Impairment
Intended Audience:Teachers, especially at the university, middle and secondary levels

This resource provides teaching suggestions for working with students with mobility impairment.

Physical Activities for Young People With Severe Disabilities
Author:Lindsay K. Canales & Rebecca K. Lytle
Topic:Ready-to-use activities to use with students with severe physical disabilities
Intended Audience:Teachers and paraprofessionals

This book will help teachers provide high-quality physical education with severe physical disabilities.

Physical Disabilities – the Ultimate Teen Guide
Author:Scarecrow Press Inc.
Topic:Advice to teens about how to navigate high school and the transitions to post-secondary institutions or to the world of work with a physical disability
Intended Audience:Students, teachers, paraprofessionals

The issues rising from family, school, and relationships are the same for most teens whether they have physical disabilities or not. This book explores the extrat obstacles that confront teens with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities and they ways they surmount them.

When You Have a Visually Impaired Student in Your Classroom – A guide for paraeducators
Author:Joanne Russotti & Rona Shaw
Topic:Teaching children with vision impairments
Intended Audience:Teachers and paraprofessionals of all grade levels

This easy-to-understand guide explains the role of paraeducators in working with students who are visually impaired and assisting other members of the educational team.