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A Teacher's Guide to Including Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education (Third Edition)
Author:Martin E. Block/Paul H. Brooks Publishing
Format:Large format paperback
Topic:Inclusion in physical education classes
Intended Audience:Teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and educational assistants

This is a comprehensive guide to making physical education inclusive for students of all levels of ability and of all ages. This book will guide physical educators in creating a welcoming environment where positive social interactions promote a health, active lifestye for all students.

Action for Inclusion: How to Improve Schools by Welcoming Children With Special Needs Into Regular Classrooms
Year:First published in 1989. Now in fourth printing.
Author:John O'Brian
Format:Book (64 pages).
Topic:Developing strategies for inclusion
Intended Audience:Elementary teachers, children, parents, administrators

This manual outlines a process for building the good working relationships needed to develop inclusive school environments. It outlines five steps involved in achieving inclusion of children with special needs in ordinary classrooms: (1) clarify the family's intention to include their child in the neighborhood school and get to know the child's dreams and gifts; (2) enlist the principal's help in including the student; (3) enroll the classroom teacher in including the student; (4) involve the student's classmates in welcoming the student to the class; and (5) gather the people involved (students, family members, teachers, and administrators) to develop a process for adaptation of curriculum and class routine, through the MAPS (making action plans) technique.

How may I help you?
Author:Ontario Educational Services Corporation, funded by the Province of Ontario (Ministry of Community and Social Services)
Format:Online videos and print booklet
Topic:Customer service to meet the needs of people with disabilities
Intended Audience:Education partners, school boards, the public

How may I help you? is a fully accessible online training module on offering accessible customer service to customers with disabilities. The resources included in this training module, which is accompanied by an "Accessibility Tips Booklet" and the "Accessible Ontario - Customer Service: A Guide for School Boards", were developed using the combined expertise from senior officials in school boards and staff from the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario. They have ensured that the resources are practical, timely and useful.

Including Students with Exceptionalities
Author:Dr. Sheila Bennet, The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and the Ontario Association of Deans of Education
Format:Research monograph
Intended Audience:Educators, principals, students in faculties of education

This document explores the various debates related to the question: "What can we do as educators to develop and maintain inclusive environments for students with exceptionalities? Drawing on research, the authors conclude that classroom teachers are the most influential factor in promoting successful inclusion in educational settings, not just in classrooms, but also in hallways and staffrooms.

Inclusion: How To
Author:Inclusion Press/Gary Bunch
Topic:Classroom teaching strategies for inclusion
Intended Audience:Teachers

A book for all classroom teachers. Gary Bunch demonstrates how theory and practice make inclusion possible for all children and all teachers. This readable, jargon free book tells you all you will need to know to include any child - if you want to. Inclusion: How To is a handbook for every school teacher. In straightforward language, Dr. Bunch (York University) outlines proven strategies that work in real classrooms. Without pretension, the book constantly references known research that gives authority to these strategies.

Inclusive Education: Emergent Solutions
Author:Gary Bunch and Dr. Angela Valeo
Topic:Inclusive education, strategies and challenges
Intended Audience:Teachers, students, parents, administrators

Provides a snapshot of 7 case studies from around the world involving inclusive education strategies for children with disabilities. Makes the case for an inclusive education approach as opposed to the more traditional, segregated 'special education' model.

It's About Ability: An explanation of the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Format:Downloadable online resource
Topic:The Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Intended Audience:Children

This publication explains the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to children. It's main purpose is to empower children, with and without disabilities, to play their part in challenging discrimination and promoting the Convention's principles.

Jean Vanier: A Canadian Inspiring the World
Author:Alberta Education
Format:Online resource
Topic:Contemporary research in inclusive education
Intended Audience:Secondary and post-secondary students, teachers, and stakeholders

From the publishers: ‘Acclaimed as "a Canadian who inspires the world" (Maclean's), Jean Vanier is a highly respected contemporary Canadian humanitarian and social leader. Included in this resource are video and audio clips that showcase his social vision of a world in which we value the diversity, respect the dignity and support the equality of all human beings. This resource may be used to address the social studies outcomes related to nationalism, citizenship and identity.’